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Fitmag is happy to share the amazing transformation story of Monalisa Dayanand, in her own words:

Let me take you through the peaks & valleys journey of a girl who was suffering from obesity, PCOD, emotional sickness and self-hate. Now, four years down the line, she is an electronics engineer, a woman who is both mentally & physically fit, a certified fitness trainer & an alpha female who helps others transform their lives. She was a common girl from the City of Destiny – Visakhapatnam – and the only child of a fit and young-looking couple. Naturally, she was pampered with all the food & luxuries. Never had she ever thought about working out or caring for her own self. This lethargy made her grow in size day by day until one fine day, she noticed to her horror that her old clothes aren’t fitting her anymore! She started avoiding being photographed. Her dress size ballooned to XXXL, her periods became irregular, and everyone around her started passing nasty comments about her body. The breaking point came when people started saying that she looked older than her own mother. That was it! She told herself, “Enough is ENOUGH!”. She wanted to prove to the world that she was something more than a couch potato. It was in 2014 when she stepped into the completely alien world of fitness & wellness. She had no clue what to eat, what workouts to do or how not to hate her body; all she knew was that she desperately needed to get fit, inside and out. Little did she know that she would have to shed blood, sweat and tears on this journey. But possessed with an iron will and a fire in her eyes, she set out for her goal. But soon, her lack of knowledge became a hurdle. She started starving herself day after day and her immune system soon crashed. She had zero motivation and nobody she could depend upon on this journey. Finally, she turned to her mother who taught her what a basic squat is and got her started on a balanced diet. Armed with this little knowledge, she gave it her all and ended up losing 15 kgs! She became very disciplined, made a strict timetable, cut out certain foods from her diet, and started caring for her own body. This was not only making her physically fit but also emotionally powerful. This discipline had already bought her from 98 to 72 kilos and that’s when the real struggle began. The weighing scale refused to move even an ounce, no matter how many hours she ran on the treadmill and how much she starved herself. That’s when she decided to finally enter a gym. Suddenly, she was thrust into this alien world with new machines in front of her for every single body part. A very sweet female trainer came up to her and introduced her to a new thing called Resistance Training or Weight Training. She fell in love with this new technique and the scales responded by coming down to 60 kgs. Soon, the gym became her temple and she started giving her 200% to every single rep that she performed. The thing that surprised her was that not only did she lose inches along with weight but also that she started getting stronger day by day. Finally, she reached a stage where she was squatting with 100 kilos, and she started getting compliments from strangers at the gym for her immense dedication. By now, she had reached 48 kilos and started looking for new challenges. That’s when she decided to prep for a bodybuilding show and also get certified as a personal fitness trainer. She did this because she didn’t want any other girl to face the same situations she had been through. Now, at the very young age of 22, she has already trained a number of clients and is still going strong with her own training and fitness goals. Her future goal is to build an organization for women in INDIA & show every woman and girl who gets body shamed, develops low self-esteem and hates her body that she is infinite times more capable than she gives herself credit for. Her mind is limitless and the body will listen to the mind. She is a living example of the wonders that consistency, hard work and discipline can create. SHE WAS HER OWN COACH, SHE WAS HER OWN MENTOR, SHE WAS HER OWN INSPIRATION. THAT GIRL IS ME. FITMAG applauds Monalisa for her grit and determination. We hope that she continues to be an inspiration and role model for women and young girls everywhere.

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