Balivada Sravan Kumar

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80:20 rules – does it hold true for fat loss?

We often come across people who say 80% of our results is dependent on diet and rest 20% is due to workout. Coming to the fat loss does it really work that way?

First of all, to understand this we need to understand the difference between fat loss and weight loss. In weight loss, we lose fat, water, glycogen and muscles but coming to the fat loss we try to retain the maximum possible muscles. So, how do we retain the muscles? The only way that we can retain the muscles is by training them and feeding them with enough amount of protein. Hence, weight training is required for fat loss. When your goal is fat loss, you need to give equal priority to diet and workout. Create a deficit by diet and retain the muscles by workout making it 100:100 instead of 80:20.

Poonam Yogesh

make sense 👍

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