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8 Rules to Succeed in gym for Beginners

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Here is the basic rule successful people have been following in the gym.

1. Have a plan. Understand what body part are you going to work out for the day. Don't just aimlessly hop around machines to machines and finish your workouts. 2. Use proper forms and techniques. Always focus on proper forms and techniques, make sure you watch some workout videos before hitting the gym. Use light weights if you aren't sure about the forms, it will definitely improve as you be consistent. 3. Get out of your comfort zone. Successful people do things that make them uncomfortable. Pushing yourself till the end is the real key to grow, as we say that one last rep matters the most. 4. Enjoy your workouts. Don't just hit the gym for the sake of going. Think about why you started, understand your goals and start working for it. If you be happy with your workouts you will definitely adapt it as a lifestyle for a longer run. 5. Stay consistent. Consistency is the real key when it comes to progress so just avoid excuses and keep doing. 6. Don't over complicate things. There will be hundreds of people with different theories, so don't just follow anyone blindly. Think, understand, research, take advises from the expert and then follow the programs. It's better to move slowly step by step in the right direction than to take a wrong decision and regret later. 7. Track your progress. Track your progress daily. Make a small note in a diary or cell phone about your exercises, reps, load(weights ) you used for a particular workout session. This will help you to improve on your weak points, you won't understand what is working for your body if you don't have any reference points. 8. Don't feel afraid to call a spotter. If you aren't sure about something, just ask. Many people have been in the same shoe at some point, so don't feel shy or afraid. It's always better to ask for help than to do something incorrect again and again. Cheers ! Keep lifting 💪


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