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Manvit Kohli
Manvit Kohli

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So once again I am back with the red woes. I say bad moods and periods go together like Joey Tribbianni and sandwiches!! Say yay if you feel the same! The world is divided into two, tea vs coffee, black vs white, Suburb and SO-BO if you know what I mean ladies world is divided with Periods mei gym jao aur Periods mei gym is so haye tauba! There has been misconceptions doing rounds about how working out during this time of the month isn’t a good idea, with many elders oh even gym instructors advising against it. Well the truth cannot be denied, it is normal to experience anxiety, be irritable, and have increased insulin responsiveness, an increased craving for food, and so on (we covered how to beat up these cravings in the Blood wars 1 article last week). Though it may be unpleasant to work out during this time, exercise makes the period manageable, unless, of course, it’s way too uncomfortable. Certain yoga poses, though, like inversions are best avoided these days. Last week when I discussed these with some of my ladies; some tell me that the elders in the family ask them to skip exercising during the periods, some say it’s just uncomfortable, some say kyun ki nahi jaate na periods mei gym. And then there were those who commented right below the last post on how they nail it even during periods. Take a bow ladies. Let’s first thing first get to the WHY should you exercise #likeagirl on your period: If working out on your period sounds like a crazy idea while your pelvis is on fire, you are super bloated, trying to button that jeans and settle for sweatpants and Netflix you should continue reading this yammer list: • Getting exercise may possibly be the best thing you can do during your period to alleviate cramps or feel better about bloat. • Exercise can serve to improve sleep and boost your metabolism during a period when you would normally feel blah or no super blah! • The endorphins, our “Feel happy Hormone” released during a workout act as natural painkillers, but don’t push yourself if you are experiencing a heavy flow and severe cramps. Also, if you are new to exercising, then take it easy. • Better Sleep! For one’s who can’t find that sleep due to the uncomfortable constant feeling will find solace in some unwinding run in the evening. • Instead treating menstrual headache with another tab of painkiller, skip the drug and head out and lift! Intense exercise causes the body to sweat, which helps reduce any period belly bloat. • Training the first two weeks of your menstrual cycle (more about periodization of your workout later), starting the first day of your period, actually optimizes your performance and is better than exercising in the last two weeks of your cycle. Finally, a real deal faydaa from having your shark week! How to make the most of it- Periodization!! We women go through four phases of the cycle, we can very well tune into our best if we plan well ahead. A super-quick-almost-obnoxiously-short summary of the gyaan I took months to understand! 1st Phase: the shark-week, is menstruation. This lasts for three to seven days, and is when the lining of the uterus is shed in the form of blood and mucus. So let’s say day 1 to day 7 2nd Phase: is the follicular phase, best time mood wise. You are happy and ready to start with a new fitness regime. My two cents: keep your training frequency the same but increase training volume during the follicular phases compared to the luteal phase. The late follicular phase is the ideal time for your muscles to exercise. Let’s mark these dates as from around day 7, the last day of your period to day 14. From there, your body moves into its most "fertile" phase, known as ovulation- best time to try out being a mommy and worst if you had no plans 😛 Also best time to hit a PR! Because girl your energy is at its peak at this time. The strength will peak at the ovulation (around the middle of the cycle), approximately day 15 to day 19 of the month. Lastly – and important to know for your training – is the luteal phase, which is where your body produces increased amounts of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. During this phase, you are likely to feel irritated, depressed, low and moody. Go easy during this time, light weights, more stretches, easy cardio will do the trick. Oh also a pro tip: eat all the spinach be your own Popoye!! Iron rich food will help you at this stage. Mark this as day 20 to say day 30 on the calendar. End of this period is your Blood Wars waiting to begin! However, a woman who trains regularly and takes good care of her nutrition may surpass any of these symptoms and may feel well during the entire cycle.  Ok ladies! So book a yoga class, get out your hula hoop or go for a run – your body will thank you! Even just a stroll with your dog counts as exercise, and it may help you feel better. If nothing else, take it easy - kick off the shoes and grab a mug of hot cocoa. Your mood for exercise may come tomorrow. #mestrualcycle #bloodwars #helloladies #womenhealth

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