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- by Monika Sharma

We all know that doing the same workout routine can get boring but most of all, we stop getting the desired results. Here are a few things that can help maximize progress and make workouts more effective. • Get your dose of caffeine: Caffeine can boost your performance to a great extent, and also make your exercise feel more enjoyable. • Keep a solid workout playlist ready: Listen to songs which make you feel powerful like you can train harder than you have ever done before. • Walk into the gym with a plan: Knowing and understanding what and how you are going to train prepares your mind. • Embrace strength training: If fat loss is your goal, strength training will get you there faster and more efficiently than cardio. • Build a mind-muscle connection: While working out, think about the muscles you are working on. Your brain sends signals to your muscles to contract. • Log the details of your workout: You can use a notebook or an app for logging your reps, sets and weights lifted and gradually increase them. • Recovery: Take rest days as your body builds muscle tissue and heals broken-down muscle fibres when you are resting.

Arbaaz Khalique

for gaining size we shouldn't do strength workout 6 reps ?? we should do only hypertrophy 12 reps ??

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