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7 Tricks To Push Yourself Harder At The Gym

By Monika Sharma

We all know that following the same workout routine everyday can get boring. Moreover, doing the same kind of workouts each day will stop giving us the desired results too. Here are a few things that can help maximize your progress and make workouts more effective as well as enjoyable - Get your dose of caffeine: Caffeine makes you feel motivated and boosts your performance to a great extent. Keep a solid workout playlist ready: Listen to songs that make you feel powerful and fuel you to train harder than ever before. Walk into the gym with a plan: Knowing and understanding what and how you are going to train prepares your mind. Embrace strength training: If fat loss is your goal, strength training will get you there faster and more efficiently than cardio. Build a mind-muscle connection: While working out, think about the muscles you are working on. Your brain sends signals to your muscles to contract. Log the details of your workout: You can use a notebook or an app to keep a record of your reps, sets and weights and gradually increase them. Recovery: Take rest days. Enough rest helps your body to heal broken-down muscle fibres and build muscle tissue. So, stop worrying about going off the track, follow these tips and tricks and crush your workouts!

Achyut Pareek

3 things that work for me: having a "gym friend" who works out at the same time as you do, changing the intensity of a workout, and catching up with some of my favourite fitness related podcasts for motivation.

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