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A calorie deficit is Crucial without it; you are not going to lose fat. But sometimes it gets harder to lose fat. If you find yourself in a pothole when trying to drop body fat, chances are there are the following reasons which are holding you back. CALORIE BALANCE- if you want to lose fat you need to tip the balance scale in one direction, you need to be in deficit to lose fat. MEDICAL CONDITION- Certain medical condition, which makes weight loss harder, if you have any medical condition get it checked with your doctor and starts the Fat loss Journey. NUTRITION DEFICIENCIES-: There are certain deficiencies which makes weight loss harder, it affects your metabolism, disrupt sleep and activity levels, increase fatigue and cause hormonal issues. NOT SLEEPING ENOUGH-: research suggests lack of sleep can increase your appetite levels, and when in deficit the insufficient sleep leads to greater muscle loss. Try to have enough sleep of 7-9 hrs. SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE- Most of us led a sedentary lifestyle, and not moving much throughout the day. And the calories your burn during your workout is not enough. Better keep moving, try to track your steps. Your activity levels make a big difference in how you progress. CONSISTENCY-: When in fat loss journey, you need to be consistent if you are not consistent you will not get the results. Try to plan your meals, track your food everyday and stay organized. NOT HYDRATED ENOUGH-: Water is actually important for a healthy weight loss, it improves your digestive system, flush out toxins and reduces fluid retention. Dehydration causes fatigue, so your energy levels will suffer and you will less likely to exercise. Most of the points are interconnected, and calories are the base of the pyramid when it to comes to fat loss. As you dig deeper, you can focus on many ways to make it more efficient.


I sleep for 6 hours, I don't get the time to sleep more then 6, is that okay?

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