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7 Reasons Why you are Not losing weight anymore !

Fat Loss
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Tired of doing your best and still unable to lose your weight? 100 % Discipline and yet no result? Or oh wait, when did you last check your Weighing machine? Does it measure properly? Have you dropped your activity level? Ahha, was there a change in your work or sleep timings? Go on and watch this video to know all about it!


Hi Amitabh I am a disciplinarian and stuck with my body weight since last 10 years please help me . I have no clue what is it that is hindrance to my losing my belly fat . I had Caesarean section 20 years back and that is no excuse to not be able to get rid of my belly fat and get into decent weight range . I am 156.21 cms tall , 48 years old and stuck with 60 to 61 kg weight whereas my target is 52 kgs . I don’t fall into any of the 7 categories given in the video . My meals are Satvik and pure vegetarian I do not eat out at all . Please guide

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