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How will your muscles grow ? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Siddharth Lall
Siddharth Lall
Are you one of those who are sweating out in the gym everyday & yet when look at the mirror you get disappointment ?😒

👉🏼 May be you are training with discipline but not training hard enough. Let me explain the simple science behind it.

How do our Muscles grow ?

>> Our muscles tissues get bigger and stronger under stress when you work them out. This happens  because of mechanical tension on the muscle  fibers during a workout which causes Muscle hypertrophy (💪🏻). Muscle fibers are broken and then they  repair themselves further for growth with help of Muscle protein synthesis (Repair process that happens with the help of protein intake) 

But what would happen if our muscles  became capable or adapted to handle that same workout stress ?  What if we don’t make the training stimulus challenging over a period of time ?
They would not get damaged enough anymore and won't grow further which can also be termed as TRAINING PLEATEAU 

 Hence, in order to achieve continued muscle growth it is very important to challenge or engage  your muscles with higher training stimulus or stress in order to keep damaging and repairing them.  Now, you would be wondering 

How do I do that ? 🤷🏼‍♂️

As you progress through your training sessions you need to apply some advance training strategies. Amongst them one that could be easily applied is progressive overload

Now, We will discuss about what is Progressive overload and How to use it for maximising your muscle gain 😎

It is nothing but progressing the demands of muscles to a testing level which  helps in breaking the training plateaus. This progression could be  achieved by manipulating various training variables such as number of  sets, number of repetitions, load, & rest periods to a new level of muscular stress 

How to do that?

A)Increasing the intensity or  load 🏋️‍♀️

>> Load or intensity is the amount of weight lifted for an exercise set. It is one of the most critical aspect of a resistance training program for muscle growth. Hence  the most prominent  way to increase the stress on targeted muscle is to increase the load until it becomes more challenging to lift . This will result in increased muscular tension/stress which leads to Muscle Hypertrophy 

B) Increasing the set volume  ⬆️

>> After you have reached the maximum  strength levels & can’t add more weight any further then the next alternative is to increase SET VOLUME . (No of Sets x No of Reps)
Increasing the total no sets or reps  is the most ideal way to progress training volume. Progressing the volume will increase the total stress on muscle tissues and stimulates growth.

Note: There should be sufficient period of adaptation before progressing to significant changes to avoid fatigue and overtraining.

There are various other advanced training strategies which could be programmed in your training routine such as Blood flow occlusion, Periodisation, & Deload. Evrythig has its own place and timing in a training routine.One must understand their goals and use specific strategies for the same. 
I hope this article will help you understand the important & basic fundamentals of training and muscle growth. I will be writing  articles on different topics  every weeks and also you can suggest the your choice of queries/topics in comments. I will definitely try to cover each of them