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How to control your stress levels?

1. Stop depending on caffeine. There's a huge misconception amongst the minds of people that they can perform better with Caffeine, but everything has got a limit. As a society, we are so dependent on caffeine that when we are off it, we can even underperform. Up to 400mg of caffeine per day appears to be safe in adults. 2. Daily meditation. Daily meditation for about 15-20mins per day is more than enough to keep you mentally fresh and active throughout the day. Focusing on yourself for 15-20mins will definitely help you to lower your stress levels and achieve all your goals in life. 3. Sleep. Sleep is one of the most essential factors of our body. Sleeping timings differ from person to person. The average sleeping timings should be around 7-9 hours per night. Children and teens even need more. 4. Have proper nutrition. Our body needs the right proportion of balanced food( quantified nutrition) which helps it to function properly. You cannot just go on a low-calorie diet to reduce weight which will indirectly increase your stress levels. According to NCBI mild stressors can induce hyperphagia (excessive eating) while more severe stressors can induce hypophagia ( inadequate eating or deficient eating). 5. Daily exercise. Physical activities have long been considered beneficial to health and regular exercise is purported to relieve stress. According to NCBI, the regular exercisers will be healthy and free from diseases and stress in the longer run. 6. Keep learning. Reading new articles, researches, informative content makes your mind creative. Always remember learning never stops. References:
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