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Indian fitness myths!

Yash kaushik
Yash kaushik
Does lifting weight make women look like men?
Strength training for women is very underrated in the entire Indian fitness industry mainly due to the lack of knowledge and misconceptions. Women need to know the benefits of strength training over other forms of training especially cardio. 
This doesn't mean that women should not do cardio instead there should be a correct balance between strength training and cardio in a training cycle.
Now about the myth, Women can do as much weight training as they want. It won’t result in gaining huge muscle and definitely won’t make them as muscular as a man because of the different hormonal profile and hormonal changes. It helps is gaining strength, losing fat, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and achieving a toned physique.
Keep grinding, Keep lifting! 
Yash Kaushik
Nutrition Consultant, @ SQUATS
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