Protein just doesn’t get enough love!

Nimish Patil
Nimish Patil

 | 1 minute to read

Well, yes, you’ll see a lot of people posting information about protein but most of the time, it’s only about how much is needed, what are its main sources and how they help build muscles.

But the truth is that protein as a macronutrient has so much more to give our bodies! In India, it’s become a cultural practice to eat protein only on a few days of the week or on some special occasions. The reality is that given its importance to our overall health, we should be consuming protein every single day. It took this pandemic for people to really understand the importance of building up your immunity - and protein is vital for that. Apart from that, even your hair and nails grow stronger because of protein. So, how much protein do you consume every day? Let me know in the comments section below.

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