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Kshitij Roy

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#TransformationSundays: Rashmi Lodha lost 20 kilos in her 2 year transformation journey. While she spent lakhs of rupees trying to fix her medical issues, it was quantified diet and a structured workout plan that actually helped her. Read her story Being a housewife, with the responsibility of husband ,2 children and in laws, I completely neglected myself . Then started working as a freelancer which required continuous hours on the computer. Developed severe Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis, regular muscle spasms and coccydynia and doctors completely advised against sitting for long hours ,weight training, brisk walking , bending or any kind of physical strain to the body. Spent lakhs of rupees on treatments, the relief from which were only temporary . Reached 74 kgs by June 2017 ,frustration and depression making way into my life and this is when I realized that I had to start on shedding those kilos and gain back my confidence . Started with gym in June 2017: A determined but slow progress till June 2018 and I lost around 8.5 kilos and 4 inches .There were times when I wouldn't get results but I never gave up and believed in myself . July 2018, started following SQUATS as a silent spectator . Always dreamt of being featured on the transformation story. Enrolled under a mentor in September 2018 who guided me with the right diet and exercises. Squats has changed the way I looked at the fitness concept . I have now understood how important it is to follow a structured and quantified diet together with the right weight training and exercises. I can have my favorite food and still loose weight ,even when socializing. My family believed in me and have continuously encouraged me to give my best. They have certainly been influenced by my transformation and are now taking tips from me ;) #fattofit #getfitindia #humfittpindiafit #nutritionalconsultancy #strucureddiet #quantifiednutrition #weighttraining #wieghtlossinspiration #inspiringfatlossstories #fattofit #getshredded #womenshealth #cleaneating #beforeandafter

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