TRANSFORMATION STORY: Priyanka Libun Mohanty - Learn how she lost 18 kgs in just 5 months!


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Dedication & Consistency: The Secret To Priyanka Mohanty’s 18 Kgs Fat Loss

Today’s FITMAG Transformation Story is truly inspiring and a testament to the power of Quantified Nutrition. From playing host to a number of ailments to getting into the best shape ever, Priyanka Libun Mohanty has turned her life around and is now helping other people realize the benefits of being healthy and fit. Here is Priyanka’s story in her own words: As a young girl, I was an Odishi dancer. But when I had to quit dancing to concentrate on my studies, I rapidly started gaining weight. To be honest, I wasn’t that concerned about my weight and so chose to ignore all the signs that were telling me to get in shape. But then, my own dear friends started teasing me incessantly. I had put on so much weight that they changed my name from “LIBUN” to “LEMON” because that’s exactly how I looked – like a corpulent lemon. One day, an unanticipated mishap turned my world topsy-turvy. Soon after, I was diagnosed with Reactive Arthritis. To help relieve the condition, I was prescribed loads of antibiotics. This, in turn, gave rise to Gastritis and GERD. To reduce the side effects, I started taking PPI which I did for 6 years (2009 to 2015). Tired of this endless cycle of ailments and medication, I joined the gym but in spite of doing vigorous workouts for 2-3 years, the scales refused to budge. I had almost reached the end of my tether when fate intervened in the form of SQUATS. As I went through the Facebook group and saw the transformations, I felt a sense of reassurance. I knew I had found the solution! I enrolled under a SQUATS mentor and that one decision entirely changed my life. Right from Day One, I was sincere about my diet and workout. Miraculously, for the first time ever, I saw my weight reduce a bit every single day. Seeing results so fast motivated me to continue my journey. My job requires me to travel quite a bit but still, I made sure to carry my own tiffin box with home-cooked meals that were within my macros. There wasn’t a single day when I cheated on my diet. After 3 months of rigorous dieting, on my birthday, my mentor permitted me to have a cheat meal. But I was so in love with the process that I refused! I was making such good progress that I did not want to stray just because it was my birthday. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. The initial weeks were really tough. I was on a deficitLCD/KETO diet and I always felt hungry. I was also quite irritable. But soon, I fell in love with the system. I continued to shed weight every day. After 5 months of honest workout and diet, I lost 18kgs! My dress size dropped from XL to XS, waistline reduced from 34 inches to 26 inches. But to my surprise and sheer delight, my Reactive Arthritis and GERD got reversed and I managed to get off all medication. This would not have been possible without SQUATS and for that, I am eternally grateful to them. On my fitness journey, I understood the importance of proper nutrition and resistance training. Whoever said women should not lift had it so wrong! It took me 5 months of following a deficit diet and strength training program to get to where I am today. After losing fat, I have now decided to build muscle and get toned. While my body has dramatically changed, the biggest transformation I underwent was in my attitude. I am an IT professional but have now developed a real passion for the fitness industry. When I saw my own transformation, I wanted to gain more knowledge and help other people achieve similar results. That is why I enrolled in theINFS courses. I am happy to report that I am now anINFS CERTIFIED NUTRITION AND FITNESS CONSULTANT. My next goal is to become a fitness consultant in SQUATS and help people achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives. - Team FITMAG is proud of Priyanka for staying the course and transforming her life. We wish her the best for the future.

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