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How to Bake Eggless Mango Cake | Healthy Recipe | No Butter

It's the Mango Season and if not experiment with it now, then when?

In this video, learn how to bake the no butter, multigrain flour mango recipe which is super tasty and also very easy to cook!


Milk - 200 g
Mango Puree - 180 g
Powdered Artificial Sweetener of choice
Vanilla Extract - few drops
Multi-gain Flour - 200 g
Coconut Oil - 15 g
Eno - 1.5 tsp


1. Mix the milk and mango puree in a bowl thoroughly.
2. To the mix, add the powdered artificial sweetener and vanilla extract.
3. Next, add the multi-grain flour to the mix till it gets a smooth batter-like consistency.
4. To the battery, add the coconut oil and mix.
5. Just before pouring the batter into the baking tin, add 1.5 tsp eno to it.
6. Transfer the batter into a cake tin and bake it at 180 degree Celsius for 30-40 minutes in a preheated oven.

Additional Pointers: 
If your batter is very thick, add few spoons of water

Caloric Distribution:
Total Calories: 1,145 kcal
Calories per piece: 277 kcal (If the cake is divided into 4 servings)
Protein: 34 g 
Carbs: 199 g
Fat: 25 g

Recipe Credit: Anamika Gupta