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5 Tips to Protect yourself against Pollution

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If you live in Delhi or in the North part of the country, you might find it difficult to breathe. A lot of my friends have left town or refuse to come outside. For me, that just doesn’t work. I can’t just stop living. I decided to put together a list of tips & techniques that can help manage the pollution a bit better.

I’ve been posting a lot about air purifiers. They are a great way to ensure the air quality indoors is much better and also help combat the dust & particles (e.g. dog hair) that get stuck within the home. It’s definitely an investment, but a worthwhile one if you’re concerned about the quality of air you’re inhaling considering the alarming levels. Tip: they seem to work better when you keep the AC on. Still, not everyone can afford an air purifier. There are also some cost-effective options to help you manage: Other techniques: Masks – A lot of people are donning masks and to be honest their effectiveness really depends on the type of filter within the mask. I find them slightly suffocating but then again so is the air right now! Pay close attention to the brand and quality of mask if you’re purchasing one. Plants – On one of the worst days of pollution this year, I actually stopped by a nursery and felt immensely better. Plants reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, they increase oxygen, and they help eliminate toxins. While hiding in a nursery isn’t practical or sustainable adding some flora in your house & office is not a bad idea as plants have proven other wellness benefits. Warm Water Gargling - One of the most EFFECTIVE preventative measures is gargling in warm water as soon as you get home. You can do this every day and numerous times throughout the day. I do this as soon as I feel a sore throat coming on. These days I do this as soon as I walk into the door. It’s also a good idea to wash your face thoroughly whenever you can and ensure you’re using adequate protection on the face throughout the day. I’m not one for a lot of makeup but you definitely need to create at least a thin layer of BB cream or foundation or sunblock (whatever suits your skin) to provide a protective layer on your face. It may sound tedious to constantly wash your face & reapply cream but trust me it’s worth it. It will help prevent build-up throughout the day & ensure your skin is somewhat masked from all the toxins! It’s not easy to deal with pollution in this season especially if you live in the Northern part of the country. But there are a few strategies that will help mitigate its harmful effects. We can’t change the air quality and most of us can’t leave, but what is in our control is ensuring our environment is as safe & comfortable as possible. Hopefully these tips will help you manage a bit better!

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