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5 Things to do after binge eating in Diwali

1.Forgive yourself - Yes you heard it right, don’t beat yourself up for it. Dwelling on the guilt will only upset you further. Take time to analyze what could you do better next time and get back to life.

1. Do not jump on detox diets - Rather get back to your routine diet and workout plan. Jumping on to fad diets is only going to make things worse. Rather plan your meals get in a good portion of fiber and proteins in your meals 2. Drink plenty of water - Water can be the answer to a lot of things, so do it for your own good. Water can help in digestion and the bloat which is induced by gas, It will also help in feeling satiated. So go ahead and chug a glass of water. 3. No starving or Juice diets - Do not starve yourself to make up for the food you have eaten it will only increase your desire to overeat. Starving will only lead to temporary weight loss with short term results also leading to binge eating further and we need to avoid that. 4. Don’t punish yourself in the gym - Exerting yourself in the gym because of a few days of festival binge is not the right way to go about things. All you are trying to do is lessen your guilt. Moving around and getting into your routine is the answer to it. Speak to your coach or trainer and they can guide you through this. Change the mindset and see the bigger picture, just because you're getting back on track doesn't mean you can't have a treat again, all you are doing is just resetting into a healthy routine.
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