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5 supplements you might need for your contest prep

5 supplements you might need for your contest prep

by Akshita Arora Protein: Contest prep might require you to increase your protein intake for better LBM preservation. If your current food choices don’t allow you to meet your protein requirement, then supplementing protein becomes essential. Creatine: Maintaining the same strength in your workouts becomes difficult as calories are lowered. Creatine is considered as the most ergogenic supplement that helps in increasing strength and LBM. The next one may surprise you! Caffeine: Caffeine is most commonly used as a pre-workout stimulant by athletes for its capability of reducing tiredness, improving alertness, improving endurance, and strength Multivitamin: A standard low dose of multivitamin would be a great choice to prevent nutrient deficiencies, especially when the calories drop and athletes are left with limited food choices. Fish oil capsule: Fish oil is an excellent source of omega 3 (an essential fatty acid), which we usually don’t get from our diet in sufficient amounts. Fish oil is my choice for its various benefits like regulating inflammation, supporting muscle growth, etc.

Sanjay Kannad

for many days creatine should be continue while prepping for contest?

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