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5 Smart hacks to plan your Calorie Deficit diet!

Smart Planning

Refrain from creating a large deficit unless preparing for a contest or photoshoot Aim for 200-300 cals below maintenance is good to start with This will keep hunger issues at bay and will result in more adherence No fancy stuff! Keep it simple, very simple! Include your regular foods into your diet This way you will never feel you are on diet Protein Apart from being useful for muscle building & recovery, protein is high on satiety! This means it keeps full for longer:) Meal Planning Not a big fan of meal timings but if you are some one who craves for a pack of chips when hungry, plan your meals Less hungry you are less chances of reaching out to comfort foods Substitute Use smart substitutions Stevia or sugar free instead of sugar, Zero cal drinks instead of sugar loaded ones, salted fresh lime etc You enjoy the drinks without adding calories! Rajesh Pujari

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Maintenance Means -300 From BMR or TDEE?

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