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5 reasons you need correct form 🙂

One of the most common mistakes people do in the gym is about the use of improper form. This will hinder your results and put you at risk for major injuries. Proper form is always absolutely essential. If you want to see results and train hard, then you need to train smart as well, it’s as simple as that. Here are the 5 reasons why proper form is very important 👇 1. Avoid injuries. Improper forms and techniques increase your risk of injuries. If you are lifting a lot of weight, your body is likely to become slightly misaligned which can strain your muscles, joints, and tendons. 2. Ensures correct muscle targeting. A lack of good form can cause you to work out a completely different muscle or to strain the muscle you were targeting. Proper form, on the other hand, ensures optimal results in the correct muscle group. Example, if you are doing bicep curls with the involvement of your traps, shoulders, you are not going to make productive progress. There are exercises which specifically target your traps and shoulders and bicep curls are not one of them. 3. Faster results. If you are doing exercises with correct forms and techniques, you will be targeting the correct muscle group, which will help you to reach your goal faster. 4. Consistent Performance. By using proper forms and techniques, you will be able to perform your exercise consistently each and every time you attempt them. This will allow you to progress safely for a longer run. 5. Helps to maintain proper breathing. Proper form allows you to breathe more efficiently during each exercise. Improper form will place extra stress on the breathing organs, and you’ll struggle with your breath while exercising which will make you more fatigue very soon. So always make sure you focus on your proper forms and techniques and see how fast you progress. By the way how many times you have injured yourself? 😛😝

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Agreed. Also sharing what not to do for each exercise is important

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