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5 pointers to keep your Fat Loss on track

Fat Loss
5 pointers to keep your fat loss on track

1. Track your calories - we often get complacent after first few weeks of measuring food and try to eye ball our calories, it is very easy to over eat certain food items and even on weekends when we eat outside food we don't have any control over the amount of calories consumed in foods. It is always advisable to not do any guess work and stick to basics of measuring food items raw. Even best of athletes after decades of nutrition experience still weigh their foods raw. 2. Increasing activity levels - it's not only about 1 hour of workout, what we do in another 23 hours in a day is also very important, as NEAT plays a very important role in burning calories, you can easily burn way more calories than your work outs by just being active throughout the day. 3. Increasing protein intake - it's well established that protein has a high satiating effect and also it has high thermic effect compared to carbohydrates and fats, that is your body needs more energy or burns more calories in digesting and absorbing protein you consume. In short just by increasing protein content in your diet you can easily increase your deficit. 4. Stress - keep your stress levels under check, increase in stress causes elevated cortisol levels due to which water retention occurs and hence more number on the weighing scale. It is commonly seen in individuals that stress causes un-due emotional eating and distress hence it is always beneficial to find a way to manage your stress levels. 5. Sleep - it’s often said " sleep like a baby", our body undergoes repair process when we sleep and it's well researched that fat is a source of energy when you are in rested state, so when you sleep you burn more body fat than you are up and active, so sleep more to burn more body fat. Overall, it is important to work on your lifestyle so that you can manage your fat loss process and achieve your goal and maintain your weight.

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I like the 5th point which is my favourite 😛

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