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5 Keys for a successful fitness journey

5 Keys for a successful fitness journey

1 - Learn how to walk before you run. If you are new to the gym or working out in general - dont start out going 110% and burning out in a couple of weeks. Start with the basics and learn the right technique before you pile on heavier weights on any exercise. 2 - Be a student. Always look for new knowledge and information that can help you along the way, listen to people with experience and learn from them. But remember to always question why you do things and dont blindly trust everything you read or hear. 3 - Always improve. Walk out of the gym better then you walked in - either if its feeling stronger on your last rep then you did last session or putting more weight on the bar. It could also be optimizing your squat stance or improving your push up technique - whatever it may be always work on beeing better. 4 - Embrace the fitness community. A good balanced comparison with other people is a good motivation for most and it shows what you are capable of achiving if you are willing to put in the work. Ask for help if you need it, dont be embaressed if you dont know what to do - just ask for help and I guarentee most people are willing to help. Use Fittr - its an amazing platform and when you are ready for the next step get a coach if you cant get there on your own. 5 - Have patience. Transformation dosent happen over night. It takes time, hard effort and determination but in the end it will a be worth it when you become who you truly want to be. Remember that fitness is an journey where you never stop evolving and a way of life.
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