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5 Dumbest Myths of the fitness industry

Fitness Myths
The fitness industry attracts myths like bears to honey. And we rush to them like moths to a flame!

It seems as if the more sanity one tries to bring to the discussion, the louder the cacophony of myths gets. Vague statements and dubious strategies abound, and it can become challenging to make it through this minefield of lies. But that's where we come in. It's time to blow these myths to smithereens! ADDING BUTTER/MCT OIL TO YOUR COFFEE FOR FAT LOSS A perennial favourite of Instagram Fitness Influencers. I’m sure you’ve heard this: adding butter and MCT oil to your morning cup of joe will put your body in "fat-burning mode" and create an environment in which it's impossible not to lose weight. A former Silicon Valley IT executive made this trend extremely popular, but this doesn't mean it's magic! The Claim: By adding butter and MCT oil to your coffee, your body will turn into a fat-burning furnace. The Truth: Let's run some numbers here. Let's assume you're trying to lose weight. To achieve this goal, you need to eat in a calorie deficit, say 1500 calories. You start the day with this butter and MCT oil-injected concoction. 200 kcal of butter and 200 kcal of MCT oil, and you've consumed 400 calories. That's MORE than 1/4 of your daily intake purely in liquid, relatively non-satiating calories. Instead, you could have consumed a massive and FILLING salad with a lean protein source and some carbohydrates, maybe rice/quinoa/potato. I love my coffee, just as much as the next person. Still, I don't believe even for a minute that it alone will make you lose weight. If you like buttered coffee and can create a calorie deficit, all the power to you. Just see it for what it is: a 400 calorie beverage with no magical properties! What’s more, adding butter to your coffee has no health benefits. So, why would you do it? CHEMICAL-FREE FOOD FOR BETTER HEALTH It’s almost impossible to not eat chemicals. All the food you eat is composed of mixtures of chemicals––even fruits and vegetables. The real claim is that human-made chemicals are harmful, especially preservatives added to the food for extending their shelf life. The Truth: Now, I am in no way promoting the consumption of large amounts of heavily processed foods: they’re easy to overeat and often don’t contain many vital vitamins and minerals. But, we need to stop obsessing about "harmful" chemicals. Artificial sweeteners or preservatives are not "toxic" and are not inherently bad. They can be harmful if taken in very high doses. For instance, if you eat enough apple seeds, you will die. This doesn't mean that apples are "toxic", does it?. Remember, moderation is the key. It would help if your diet comprises minimally processed foods but there is no need to fear processed foods. Negative Calorie Foods The Claim: There are some food items that require more calories to chew and digest than they contain. In other words, if you ate only these foods, you would create a higher calorie deficit. The more of these foods you eat, the higher the deficit you’d create! The Truth: Sadly, there are no such foods. Superfoods The Claim: Superfoods have so many nutrients that they can vastly improve your health by themselves. The Truth: Food is a context-dependent variable. This means there are no foods that are inherently good or bad; everything exists in a spectrum. Eg. 50gms of almonds (medium handful) and three squares of dark chocolate can pack more than 500 calories. A small Kit-Kat bar, on the other hand, only contains 100 calories. But still, one is labelled "healthy," while the other will make you fat, no questions asked. Sure, almonds contain nutrients such as Omega-3, but we can’t ignore the basics of energy balance. Almonds are calorie-dense and too many can make you pack on the pounds. Keeping track of calories from "Clean" nutrient-dense food is the only way you can enjoy their health benefits. Moderation is the key to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Don’t include food items in your diet simply because you saw the Social Media People claiming that it’s a "superfood" and will make you lose weight. Drinking lemon water with honey for fat loss Let’s end this list with a golden oldie. Warm water with honey and lemon - your grandma’s favourite remedy for fat loss (or so some food blogs claim!). At some point, I’m certain that all of us have tried it for fat loss yourself. Lemon water may have a plethora of benefits, but fat loss isn't one of them. These easy hacks may give you false satisfaction that you are trying to improve your health, but in reality, you aren't. Fat loss requires sacrifice and consistency. Make the effort, it’s worth it! Till then, stay away from quick fixes and quackery. Take Care, Stay Safe References - 1.https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/jsfa.2825?fbclid=IwAR0kH6yK6dgL30UzrCmmCLzclt8X67h0lAjuw_50Ep6MJxU_QK63k992BH4 2.https://academic.oup.com/ajcn/article/99/6/1525/4577499/?fbclid=IwAR1ADRdQfGMVdHr7pzXqR6HDtl8dyg4KNqoIpouDRnWsPSZqFyLRcdOUUPI


hey! what about apple cider vinegar in the morning?

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