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5 Reasons Why LockDown Is The Best Time To Get Fit

Praveen Budhrani
Praveen Budhrani
5 Reasons Why LockDown Is The Best Time To Get Fit


No Socializing

You’re not going out with friends plus you’re even cooking your own meals! This gives you better control over your diet and makes it easier to track macros and calories

More Time

All that time you spent getting ready for office or travelling can now be used for your training sessions. If you’re new to training, it’s also a great time to get started!

Household Chores

NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) plays a very important role as it helps you increase your energy expenditure. Doing household chores is a great way to increase your NEAT.


More free time gives us an opportunity to learn the basics of nutrition and exercise. Educate yourself and start your own fitness journey.


While everyone’s sleep schedule is disrupted during lockdown, however with little bit of effort in fixing the sleep schedule can greatly benefit our overall progress


Stay Fit & Keep Learning

Praveen Budhrani

Fittr Coach