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Home workout Part 19 - Learn how to do Frog Stand Pose / Crow Pose (Bakasana)

Dr. aakash bansal
Dr. aakash bansal
It's an important hold if you are planning to learn Handstand or Planche which involves a lot of strength in your shoulders and your arms.

Primary muscles involved in this hold is your Deltoids (Specifically front part of your shoulders) but it also helps to strengthen your arms, back, chest and abdominals.

All the instructions are clearly mentioned in the video, follow the step by step process. Make sure you do follow the wrist movements given in the video to avoid any injuries.

Put your concerns in the comment section and will be happy to help you.

Note - I have put all the home workout videos on youtube for easy access of everyone. I keep getting messages for links to download the videos or to share it among friends or family. This will make your job easy :)

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Have a safe workout and Tkcr of yourself and your family.

Dr. Aakash Bansal

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