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All about Testosterone Boosters

#TuesdayTidbits: SQUATS Expert Amrut Mangaraj shares information about testosterone booster this week.

-Testosterone boosters are dominant in the market with the basic ingredient - Tribulus

-Vitamin D and Boron have been largely studied and used recently for boosting testosterone

-Tribulus Terrestris has Saponins as main compounds, the more the percentage the greater the
potential of Tribulus. Saponins percentage range from 45-90.
-Generally increases the free testosterone. This testosterone roams freely and can be actively
used by the body in contrast to "Tightly-bound" and "loosely bound" testosterone.
-Tribulus Terrestris increases free testosterone which results in an increase of
Dihydrotestosterone-one of the reasons for male pattern baldness.
-Certain testosterone boosters other than Tribulus, inhibit an aromatase enzyme which is
responsible for converting testosterone to a precursor of estrogen. Thus limiting estrogen.

-Tribulus Terrestris has strong evidence of lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
-It does increase libido in healthy men and women, due to the increase in free circulating
-Increase in total testosterone levels is low in research.
-Tribulus Terrestris also increases free testosterone which results in an increase of
Dihydrotestosterone-reason for male pattern baldness.

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