No Kitchen Weighing Scale?? No worries, Don’t hold back your fitness Goals

Vijay Pardeshi
Vijay Pardeshi

 | 1 minute to read
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Proper nutrition is the key to fitness. It’s important to not only know what to eat but also how much to eat!

Simply put: if you want to achieve your fitness goals, then you absolutely need to know how to measure your food. This makes the kitchen weighing scale an important tool in your fitness arsenal. But here’s the problem: where do you get a kitchen scale during this lockdown? Here’s a simple solution: You can use the free scoop that comes with every box of whey protein! Each scoop is either 30 grams or 35 grams. You can easily use it for measuring different food items that are part of your diet. For your reference: The red scoop in the picture is 30 gms & the white scoop is 35 gms. There will be a variance of about 2- 5 gms in every measurement. But this is a much better option than eyeballing your macros or using measurements such as cups, katoris and tablespoons which tend to vary a lot. This is just a temporary solution. Using a kitchen scale still remains the most preferred and accurate method of measuring food. Check out the attached images to get an idea of how this works. Let me know what you think!

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