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Home workout Part 18 - Learn how to do Shoulder Lateral Raise

Dr. aakash bansal
Dr. aakash bansal
Shoulder muscle has three heads - Anterior Deltoid (Front Part), Medial Deltoid (Middle Part) and Posterior Deltoid (Back Part)

Lateral Raise is an important exercise that focuses on your middle part of the shoulder. While taking a few live workout sessions, I realised everyone has issues in doing this workout with correct form. Lets see some common mistakes which everyone does.

Incorrect Form:-
1. Incomplete or High range of motion (ROM)
2. Thumbs are either pointing upwards or downwards and hands are not in a straight horizontal line with shoulders 
3. Uncontrolled downward movement 
4. Using momentum to lift weights (especially when using heavy weights)
5. Either elbow are bent at 90° or completely locked

Correct Form:-
1. Your shoulder, elbows and hands should make a straight horizontal line
2. Elbows should be little bent as per your convenience but not at 90°
3. Chest Out and back will remain neutral
4. Don't use momentum to lift weights

How to do it:-
1. Arms on your side or in front (depending upon the weight you are carrying)
2. Go up to the horizontal point or break the horizontal line (but not too high) and hold the position for 1 sec
3. Keep your back in a neutral position
4. Slowly come back to the starting position in a controlled manner

Put your questions and videos in the comment section and will help you with corrections. 

Note - I have put all the home workout videos on youtube for easy access of everyone. I keep getting messages for links to download the videos or to share it among friends or family. This will make your job easy :)

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Have a safe workout and Tkcr of yourself and your family.

Dr. Aakash Bansal

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