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Do you need to rush for protein shakes after workout?

Bala Krishna Reddy
Bala Krishna Reddy
This is a very common myth among lifters and I wanted to address this scientifically.

Some of the theories supporting the importance of consuming protein immediately after workout were,

1. Decrease in Muscle protein breakdown(MPB), as resistance training sessions will elevate MPB levels and consuming protein immediately will decrease it.

We have studies which show that MPB is only slightly elevated immediately after exercise and rapidly rises there after
Ref: Kumar V et. al. 2009, PM ID: 19164770/

MPB is significantly elevated at 195 minutes post workout, if no meal is provided
Ref: Pitkanen H T et. al. 2003, PM ID: 12750588/

2. Increase in MPS levels leading to muscle growth after protein consumption 

We have evidence that if exercised in fed state, studies showed no difference in net MPS if 20 gms of whey was given immediately after workout or pre workout or 1 hour after workout

Ref: Tipton et. al. 2007, PM ID: 16896166