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Home workout Part 16 - Pull Routine

Dr. aakash bansal
Dr. aakash bansal
Pull Routine includes Back and Biceps workout.

If you face difficulty in planning your routine, you can start with simple Push-Pull-Leg routine from these videos. I have included all the instructions in all the videos for you to follow.

Push Routine (Chest, Shoulder, Triceps)

Legs Workout

Bodyweight Leg Workout

P.S. - Apologies for the delay in posting this routine. I forgot to post it and got multiple queries on same in last 2 3 days. So here it is :)

Note - I have put all the home workout videos on youtube for easy access of everyone. I keep getting messages for links to download the videos or to share it among friends or family. This will make your job easy :)

Home Workout Series (With Body Weight and Resistance Bands)

Bodyweight Circuits

Bodyweight Workouts (With bag to increase resistance)

Abs & Core Workout

Learn the correct form of Pushups

20 different variations of Pushups

Learn how to Plank

Learn how to headstand

Have a safe workout and Tkcr of yourself and your family.

Dr. Aakash Bansal

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