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Home workout Part 12 - Push ups Tutorial

Dr. aakash bansal
Dr. aakash bansal
Home workout Part 12 - Push ups Tutorial

If you want to learn push-ups, correct your form at the initial stage only. Focus more on Knee PushUps so the latter steps become easy.

The video on the left shows the common mistakes that people do while doing Knee Push-ups.

Correct form:
- Place your hands at Chest Level and not Shoulder level
- Elbows should be tucked inside and not flaring out 
- Draw an imaginary straight line from your head to knee joint and follow that path
- Don't bend your hip joint
- Look down to avoid any unnecessary strain in your neck

I will share the video on variations of push-ups that will help you to increase your strength progressively.

Note - I have put all the home workout videos on youtube for easy access of everyone. I keep getting messages for links to download the videos or to share it among friends or family. This will make your job easy :)

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Have a safe workout and Tkcr of yourself and your family.

Dr. Aakash Bansal

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