Day 21: 21 days of Awesomeness : The Small Child in you

Shashank Lalwani
Shashank Lalwani

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Day 21: 21 Days of Awesomeness

Be the small child in you While we grow up , we say “ when I grow up , I will become doctor, When I grow up , I will do this, I will do that ..... Now when we have grown up we say “ Why did we grow up” Bacche hi acche the ... Right ? The Reason for this change is while we grow up and move towards a goal we compromise many ethics, many emotions and in order to become more mature we start lacking moral values. The feelings of jealousy, hatred , “Me first” wins over that small inner child who use to smile while seeing rainbow and for him those seven colours happiness was all . We forget the real purpose of the life. It is important while we grow up we take care of our inner child and do not compromise on any of the values , do what makes us happy instead of focusing on what will others say . When you don’t let your inner child die , the journey of growing up is cheerful , the love you have inculcated grows with you and spreads across everyone near you. Now you know what to do. Promise yourself that: I will never ever abandon myself for anyone or anything else . I am my first love and I will love myself forever ❤️ People are not bad but their acts sometime might make you feel bad. Your mind, your thoughts are responsible for your growth. In this last day of our 21 days of Awesomeness series , I would just ask you one thing . Avoid as much as negativity you can, just run away when you don’t feel good anywhere or with anyone. Be there where your heart and soul wants to stay together. Hope you enjoyed these sessions, I shall be back with one or other content and we shall grow together. Till then, Cheers and have an amazing life❤️❤️ #love #passion #life #beautiful #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #compassion #kindness #happy #success #gratitude #onelife #theinnervoice

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