Re-living the inner being: Day 2

Shashank Lalwani
Shashank Lalwani

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Day 2 : 21 days of Awesomeness

DOTS ( Do one thing for sure) It is said that it takes 21 days to form new Habit and we have exact amount of time. Previous day we have picked up the creative skill and I am sure you have practiced the same for atleast 20 minutes. Keep practicing till 21 days. Few years back, I use to see how my father use to make his bed after he immediately woke up. Once i asked him why do you do this, any maid can do it. He answered that there are certain things in life when you do for your own self it gives immense happiness and it is always good to form habits for such things. He also said when I come back tonight tired after work and find my bed well prepared, It will give me a relaxed mind whereas if i depend on someone and bed is not made while i come back, it will make me angry adding extra load in my mind after tiring day. Since that day , every day i have formed my habit to prepare my own bed and it really feels awesome. It is said action speaks larger than words Today we will start or form any new habit which we feel, if we do might change our life . Just take one step ahead: May be if you want to form habit of waking up early, start by waking up half an hour before your usual time . You may start reading one page of book You may start writing one page of your thoughts You may start exercising for 20 minutes You may start eating one meal healthy You may start just touching your parents feet everyday and take their blessings JUST DO ONE THING FOR SURE, No matter what. So, What are you starting today. Please mention in the comments below for accountability . Remember you have to do same for 21 days. Cheers, You will have an awesome day❤️

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