Re-Living the inner being for 21 days

Shashank Lalwani
Shashank Lalwani

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Our PM has locked down India amidst chaos of Corona , but I feel it is a good time to work on inner being and open opportunities for our inner world. Hence starting this series of 21 days of awesomeness where you just need to follow the task daily and after 21 days a new you will be found . Let’s start with Day 1 :

Day 1: 21 days of Awesomeness We have been listening since childhood our company ( people we hangout or follow) with defines us. What about our own company ? Do you know a single negative or unwanted thought wastes your 5 golden minutes by just going more deeper and deeper into it. Once we are out of it, we just waste another 2 minutes thinking why did we thought that 😂 Your mind is not a dustbin . Pour in the thoughts for the things you want in your life and make efforts towards it. This day, First free your mind from unwanted things/thoughts by writing the stuff in a piece of paper which is going in your head and free it , same as you throw unwanted stuff in dustbin. Secondly, Today whenever you talk with someone, or read somewhere just check if this particular stuff is helping me in any ways. If yes, listen it or read it else just ignore. Do not pick up anything what comes in your way. Let your mind also have only amazing stuff so it can make you feel fearless . We have 21 days so pick any skill which you have been holding for long . It can be a Guitar, Creative writing, Elearning any stuff, Coding, painting, artwork anything which you wanted to do since long but didn’t get chance . Start practicing today atleast for 20 minutes. Let’s see where we can take it in next 21 days. Put in your skill in comments section for accountability . Cheers and have a awesome day 🤗

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