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40 year old and confused !!


Aging is uncontrollable but how we grow up old is definitely in our hands. As we progress in terms of age, we start losing our bone density and also our muscle mass. And since training muscles help in burning calories, losing muscle means we gain weight very easily. To make the matter worse, we start doing some crash diets i.e. low calorie diet (because thats what we see around us) to lose some extra pounds and then ultimately disturbs our entire metabolism and regain that weight once we go off the diet. So to avoid the same mistakes others are doing, here are bunch of tips that you can follow to start your fitness journey even after 40:- 1. Learn the basics of nutrition through open and validated sources. Start counting your calories. Choose a diet plan and prepare a diet chart which is sustainable as per your routine and lifestyle. (Please dont copy-paste what others are following because that might not help you) 2. Dont stick to Cardio alone. It definitely helps with weight loss but leads to muscle loss as well along with fat. Use cardio as an additional tool and not the only way to loose weight. 3. Inlcude weight (resistance/strength) training in your routine to conserve your muscle mass because muscles helps in burning fat even at the resting phase. So you not only burn calories when working out at the gym but also when you are sleeping in the night. 4. If you are completely new to the gym, better start under some guidance to avoid any injuries. 5. You dont need to start lifting heavy on day 1 or even after 30 days. Give your body sometime and it will adapt. Start with 3-4 days routine in a week and progress slowly. If you are afraid to lift, start with resistance bands and then move on to dumbells and barbells. 6. Increase the weight you are lifting with small increments as and when you are comfortable. This will helps you in tracking the progress of our strength. 7. Most important - Give complete rest to your body. Except it that you are 40 plus and this is the first time you decided to live a healthy lifestyle. Have some patience. You will definitely reach your goals and will start feeling much better and more confident about yourself. Just give it sometime 😊 Have a safe workout!! Dr. Aakash Bansal #fittr #bettr #smarttr

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