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4 Simple Ways To Control Emotional Eating

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Few days back, when I wrote on what exactly is emotional eating and many of you requested a post on ways to control it. Here you go:

Know Your Stressors. Identify the emotions and circumstances that lead you to emotional-eat. These are your emotional eating triggers. Once you recognize them, you can take steps to overcome them and always stay prepared. Exercise To Reduce Stress If you’re physically in the right place, you'll naturally be more resistant to the symptoms of emotional eating. Exercise can lead to chemical changes in the brain that decrease stress. If your personal circumstances make it impossible for you to regularly go to the gym, try to increase the amount of cleaning, walking, cooking and other lighter physical activities you engage in every day. Develop A Practice Of Mindfulness Meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness-based exercises help calm the body and mind. When you are calm, mindful and focused - you are more capable of making healthier and smarter lifestyle choices. Reach Out For Help Talk about your emotional eating and unhealthy responses to stress with your close friends and family who can give you support. If you often feel regret or shame over your eating habits - feel no hesitance in seeking guidance from your loved ones or anyone for that matter. Apart from this, if you still are not able to find any solution - that just might be an excuse to stuff more food in the name of stress. Let’s not fool ourselves. Only we know better. Remind yourself that you are NOT hungry. Would you keep filling up petrol in the tank even though it's spilling out just because you are stressed? Waste of time, waste of money right? Likewise, simply feeding your body when it's not required will only damage your body.

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