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4 Diets you should never ever try

Fitness Myths
If you value your health, sanity, savings, and sense of self-worth, stay far away from these diets! They may seem attractive and promise fast results, but that's not going to happen.

Here are the Top 4 Worst Diets that you need to avoid: #1. Genetic diet-It might sound convincing. Using the information about your genetics to prescribe a type of diet that best fits you individually. But the truth is it's currently impossible to recommend a diet based on genetic testing. If someone is selling a diet plan on the name of the genetic diet, be aware its a hoax. To lose weight, you still need to eat less than you are burning and increase your activity levels. #2.Detox/cleanse diets - The idea behind detox or cleanse diets is that you need to remove toxins from the body with the help of a specific kind of low-calorie beverage, whether it be an herbal blend, lemon water, or a mix of certain vegetables or fruits. Your liver processes most toxins out of your body over time and cleanses and detoxes do not assist or need assistance in this process. Further, while most of the herbs and blends used in detoxes are healthy, they, unfortunately, do not have any specialized toxin-removing capabilities. The biggest drawback of such a diet is that it creates enormous deficiencies of essential nutrients like protein and even dietary fat to a certain extent, which can negatively impact a lot of body functions and also lead to muscle loss. Don't fall into quick fixes; detox is essentially a scam #3.Blood type diet - The idea behind this diet is almost the same as the genetic diet, based on your blood group diet is planned. But the truth is your blood type has no significant bearing on what or how much you should eat or your potential outcomes based on different diets. There is no evidence whatsoever which support diet based on blood group for your fat loss #4. Juice only diets- Juicing is so prevalent in the diet industry that a video or picture of someone blending juice is almost synonymous with the concepts of health and fitness in advertising. While fresh juice does contain plenty of micronutrients, but only consuming them is not enough. There are many problems with this type of diet. Firstly, it often leads to severe protein deficiency, which means you are likely to lose some muscle. Second, when you go off the diet, you will likely replace the specific food with foods from your old habits. This diet has not taught you any sustainable strategies or healthy diet habits. Finally, the combination of these problems means that you will have rebound weight gain, and this gain is likely to be fat and not muscle, leaving you with worse body composition than when you started - a double whammy! Remember one thing: the success of any fat loss diet depends on its ability to create a calorie deficit. It would be best if you did not choose a diet plan based on how fast it can make you lose weight. Instead, select a diet plan that will lead to long-term and permanent weight loss. Let's look at it in this way: if you have a mild but chronic stomach ache and go to the doctor. The doctor gives you two choices. A) a pill which relieves you of pain instantly but makes the pain worse later B) a pill which will work slowly but relieve you of pain forever Which pill would you choose? Take Care, Stay Safe; Make Healthy Choices. Reference- 1. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23697707/ 2. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23471854/

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