Here's why you shouldn't lift and eat right

Nachiketh shetty
Nachiketh shetty

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Go to the last slide and then read this 👇

. . . . While I understand that everybody has their own set of problems when it comes to getting in a better shape and health, I also understand that health is NOT optional. And even the strongest reason is not strong enough to make that an "option". Don’t have time? -Give up on the least important task you do everyday and exercise. Even if it has consequences, it’ll be a good trade-off. Can’t afford a gym? Can’t leave the house and kids and go out for a WO? -Exercise at home! No matter what problems you have, all of those problems have been faced by someone else in the past 1000yrs and they have found a way out. Only difference was that they wanted it a tiny bit more than you did. Our current lifestyle, our health issues and our problems…all of them are a result of choosing the more comfortable option over the uncomfortable just because you had a “genuine reason” to do so. Sometimes, not always but sometimes you just have to suck it up and go the uncomfortable route, won’t sugarcoat this one.

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