Utsav Agrawal
Utsav Agrawal

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Yes, nutrient-dense, and at times, calorie-dense foods have a plethora of benefits and reasons you should consume them. But don't be naive to the fact that these calories count, and you can get and remain fat, eating nothing but "healthy" food.

Food as a context-dependent variable not "this good that is bad," everything exists in a spectrum. For comparison, 50gms of almonds(medium handful) and three squares of dark chocolate can pack more 500 calories. That's more calories than 100 grams Kit-Kat bars. One is labeled "healthy," while the other will make you fat apparently. Yeah, of course, you are getting nutrients from almonds like omega-3 but just because of that we can not neglect the number of calories almonds have and the basics of energy balance. Keeping track of calories from "Clean" nutrient-dense food is the only way you can enjoy the health benefits from such food items. Moderation is the key to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Incorporate food items in your diet not just because you saw on social media people claiming its "superfood" and make you lose weight.

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