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Assisted Chin-up Ideas For Girls⁣

Akshita Arora
Akshita Arora
In continuation with my last post on doing your first chin-up, many of you girls shared your concern about getting stuck in the second last step and facing difficulty in moving on to the final unassisted body weight chin-up. There are assisted chin-up machines in some gyms that are helpful but you don’t need to worry if your gym doesn’t have one. Here are a few ideas for assistance that you can add to improve your chin-up strength and gain more confidence:⁣
1. Resistance Band Chin-up: Tie a resistance band around the bar. Stretch the band and fit yourself into it firmly at the lowermost position. The band will provide assistance while coming back to its natural length.⁣
2. Take your workout buddy’s help: Ask your workout buddy or the trainer to hold your legs and provide slight assistance (force) while you go up.⁣
Also, these ideas can be helpful in adding greater volume and having chin-ups as the main exercise and not in your workout⁣
If you still feel stuck, drop your chin-up problems in the comments section and don’t forget to see the bloopers 😝
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