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Is soreness necessary for gains?

Sheikh Najid Siddiquee
Sheikh Najid Siddiquee
Almost all of us have faced muscle soreness after the workout.
It's known as delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).
Some people hate the feeling whereas some people love it as it gives them a sense of achievement and for the same reason they try to incorporate different exercises or always train to failure to get that soreness.

Soreness isn't a determinant of muscle growth or increased strength ,rather it's just a body's response to a new or stronger stimuli. One can get sore in a good training plan as well but he/she shouldn't plan a workout with a sole purpose of getting more muscle soreness as sometimes it can have negative impact on your performance.

For hypertrophy and strength , appropriate selection of training variables matter.

Coach - Sheikh Najid Siddiquee