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Eat less with these 5 easy and free to implement tips

Anmol Sachdeva
Anmol Sachdeva
If you are on a quantitative diet, eating as per portion size or just eating according to how your body is responding, strategy to reduce food intake can be really helpful.

Here I’ll be sharing top tips to eat less which are simple and easy to implement.

1. Chew more  – By chewing more not only you improve the digestion process but meantime you also extend the amount of time taken to eat the same quantity of food. This also helps to eat less food in comparison to the person who chews less.

2. Satiety Index – Choosing smart food options can be very helpful in suppressing hunger. Foods with higher satiety levels can help you feel full earlier than some other food options. For example – opting for potatoes in place of cornflakes can be a good option when considering carb intake.

3. Water – Preloading water before a meal has shown to decrease the food intake you eat.  This can eventually help you in your weight loss goals too.

4. Focusing on food while eating – When you are eating while watching tv or listening to music, you tend to eat more. So eating mindfully can help you a lot. The best example is eating popcorn and coke in a movie theatre, you don’t realize how much you have eaten in a short amount of time.

5. Reducing the mouthful size – While eating a very basic habit you can develop is taking smaller bites and using smaller spoons.

These effects can be small but then this can benefit you in the long run and not only will this help you develop better eating habits but also can help you to feel satiated while dieting which can eventually help you to lose weight.