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3 Supplements which are worth trying

3 Suppplements which are worth trying

Before getting into the list you should know that these supplements have certain advantage but in no way a replacement to a healthy quantified nutrition and training.If your nutrition and training is not good then taking supplements should be a last thing on your mind. 1-Whey Protein- Assuming a person is making efforts and trying to correct the nutrition then Whey protein can be a very helpful supplement. It's a byproduct of cheese and has essential amino acids which are not produced by our body,hence it can be a helful addition to our diet if for some reason we are not getting enough protein which is needed by our body. Since we can get good quantity and quality of protein in small portion of whey,it's something to be considered for people who struggle to complete the daily protein intake. Creatine- Creatine is another supplement which has a benefit in improving your performance.It is produced by the body which plays a role in replenishing energy phosphates within our ATP-PCr System(a system responsible for energy used for the intial phase of any intense activity).If you are into lifting weights and aim to get stronger then supplementation of creatine can aid you during your journey. Caffeine- Researches shows that caffiene has ergogenic performance enhancing effects.It can be a helpful tool for a person who is feeling lazy to hit the gym. Caffiene is known to have some other benefits but more research is needed to conclude on the same. Coach - Sheikh Najid Siddiquee

Jeysh S

any vegan alternative for isopure or whey protein??

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