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My training cues for the Front Squat!

Yash kaushik
Yash kaushik
2 Possible Bar Grips. I like the clean grip because I CAN DO IT with ease.

Clean Grip
> Bar just over the clavicle at the back of your deltoids
> Slightly touching your throat (DON’T CHOKE yourself)
> Elbows pointing forward (not DOWN)
> Lot of wrist and elbow mobility required for this grip
> But extremely stable.

Cross Grip
> For people with poor wrist and elbow mobility
> Narrower grip and less stable

Starting Position
> Take a deep breath and brace your core (EXTREMELY important)
> Bar inline with mid-section of your foot ALL THE TIME.

Now, Front Squat
> DROP STRAIGHT DOWN (breaking at your knees and hips at the same time)

> Don’t worry about your knees going farther out in front over your toes.

> YOU’LL require a lot of ankle mobility to reach full depth in the front squat

Now, The Ascend.
> Look forward or upward
> Think of pushing your elbow up (BIG RED ARROW)
> Neutral spine and chest upright
> Drive your feet into the ground

Yash Kaushik | Fitness Coach, Fittr

THE FRONT SQUAT is a mobility testing exercise. Let’s see if you can do it with the right form.
Post your videos front squatting and tag me for your form check.

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