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My training cues for RDLs - Hamstrings and Glutes⁣!

Yash kaushik
Yash kaushik
Starting position⁣
RDL starts where at the same position where you lockout your deadlift.⁣
> Shift your body weight to the heels⁣
> Lats engaged all the time ⁣
> Chest upright all the time⁣
Hip Hinging (most Important part of the RDLs, most people perform with incorrect form)⁣
> It’s time to push your BUTT BACK (maintaining a neutral spine)⁣
> Slowly lower the weight, breaking the posture at your hips simultaneously.⁣
> DO NOT BREAK AT YOUR KNEE (like you do in a normal deadlift)⁣
> Knee should not move forward⁣
Time to FEEL THE STRETCH (Hamstrings)⁣
Mind muscle connection plays a major role where you target your glutes and hamstrings.⁣
So, only think of your BUTT and hams while performing this exercise. ⁣
Range of motion (ROM)⁣
The range of motion is highly individual and depends on your target muscles.⁣
> Anywhere between 30 to 60 degrees where you can feel the maximum stretch is your natural ROM⁣
> Anywhere beyond that point will train/damage more of your lumbar region (lower back)⁣
Finishing the movement⁣
> Finish pull the weight up and straight⁣
> Going back to the starting position⁣
> Tighten /Contracting your Glutes and Hamstrings at the top⁣
and repeat!⁣
Post your videos below for clarifications on your training form and posture.⁣
Got a questions? Comment below.⁣