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My training cues for Bench Press!

Yash kaushik
Yash kaushik
4 points of contact (as shows by the Blue dots)
1. Head
2. Shoulder blades (tucked in and depressed)
3. Glutes (hips)
4. Feet

> Lie down on the bench so that the bar is right over your eyes
> Make an arch with lower back
> Pull your butt towards your shoulder blades
> Plant your feet underneath you as much as possible (feet must be flat)
> Grip the bar shoulder width apart

Time to take a deep breath!

Starting position
Un-rack the bar (pull the bar out of the rack, don’t ‘lift’ it)
Hold the bar right over your shoulders.
> Bar in line with your elbows, and shoulders

> Squeeze your PINKIES (smallest fingers of your hands) and tuck your elbows in as you descend
> Bring the bar towards the line of your nipples (mid chest)

Get a full Rang of motion for maximum stretch) 

Pressing (ascend)
Time to bring the bar back to the starting position
The bar will not move straight up
It should move in a slant pathway and get it back up over shoulders
> Put all the weight on your upper back.
> Push the weight while thinking of driving your UPPER BACK into the bench
> Squeeze your GLUTES

Remember, tuck in your elbows on descend, push elbows out on your way up.

Post your videos below for clarifications on your training form and posture.
Got a questions? Comment below.

Yash Kaushik | Fitness Coach, Fittr