Sleep : The most underrated supplement

Mohnish Alka Thakkar
Mohnish Alka Thakkar

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So one night you decide on to binge a Netflix season . This goes on to continue for most part of the week . Along with it you are on your weight loss journey , following your diet and working out regularly . You check your weight and it won’t go down . You think of everything you did right but wait did you sleep right ?

Sleep . The most “underrated” Supplement . While we are getting advanced into technologies with new and new tv shows and programs our sleep time are getting relatively less. Less sleep can cause you to eat more , increase your stress levels , makes you feel weak in the gym and can affect your fat loss journey . So how does sleep actually affect your performance ? Two studies were conducted where by subjects were made to sleep 8.5hours vs 5.5hours. The Result: Sleep restriction decreased the proportion of weight lost as fat by 55% sleep and increased the loss of fat-free body mass by 60% (yep that’s huge) Also in another study where participants were made to sleep for 8 hours vs 4 hours .The results were the participants who were sleeping for 4 hours consumed more calories then participants that were made to sleep for 8 hours. Moreover less sleep has shown decrease in testosterone levels by 10-15% in the participants who underwent 1 week of sleep restriction to 5 hours per night . Take Away Points : -If you want good results in terms of fat loss ,muscle gain , improved workouts, healthy sleep routine is must . There might be multiple reasons why you can’t go to the bed or end up falling out of the routine it will become a lot harder to lose body fat. -Avoid consuming caffeine 6-8 hours prior to bed time which may affect your sleep cycle. -Avoid using electronic devices before 1 hour of bed time. -Try to get atleast 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep . -Don’t go hungry before bed time . Have some carbs before an hour of your sleep. Image Source :

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