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50gms rice vs 50gms Oreo cookies

Mohnish Alka Thakkar
Mohnish Alka Thakkar
50gms Rice vs 50gms Oreo cookies

50gms Rice             50gms Oreo

C=40                      C=35.5

P=3                        P=2.5 

F=0                        F=9.5

C=170                   C=237.5


“So I can eat cookies and lose weight ? Yay , Please add only “ONLY” 5 Oreos in my diet”

Yes, you heard that right . You can eat oreo’s and still lose weight . But have I told you how much 50 gms of cookies may take space in your diet compared to 50 gms of rice ?

 What if I told you , you can eat cookies and still lose weight but it won’t be satiating , you’ll feel hungry and you may end up eating the whole packet.

But Hey ,

Supposed you are following a Deficit meal plan where you include these calorie dense food which takes almost half of your calories in your diet  .  So now you are left with much lesser calories where you need to accommodate protein as well as fats too . The result might be you will feel more hungry and the diet will make you keep starving . Also chances are you may end up eating the whole packet as these foods makes you crave to eat more , You may end up cheating on your diet quite often .

The point here I want to explain is when you follow a diet always choose foods which are more satiating and keeps you fuller for longer time. Avoiding foods which are too calorie dense would be a smart move to make you a little less hungry on your transformation journey . On the contrary if you are on a gaining phase where you need to eat a large sum of calories you can surely include these foods to complete your calorie intake .

Few Take away points while following a diet :

-Add foods which are more satiating such as rice , oats , eggs , chicken etc.

-Include more green veggies that may help you to curb your hunger .

-Keep yourself hydrated .

-Don’t keep tempting foods in your house which you might fail to control and overeat.

-Always And always track your calories .