How to transform 101

Sanket Shevkar
Sanket Shevkar

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How to transform yourself 101

1. Acceptance: The first step is acceptance. Accepting that you are unhealthy, and you need to change is very important. Many people live in denial and ignore their health. They think that they just need to lose/gain that few kilos and that it will take just a little time to achieve that. While it maybe true for few select individuals, that is usually not the case for most of us. So, acceptance is the first big step. 2. Setting a goal: Congratulations! Now that you have decided to get rid of you unhealthy habits and transform, let us talk about setting a goal. While many of us would like to have an amazing physique like certain bodybuilders, celebrities or lose/gain insane amount of weight in short term, I believe we should set realistic goals to begin with. By no means I am implying don’t have those kinds of goals, it is great to have them but keep in mind it is going to take time to reach there. It is not going to happen overnight. It will require a lot of hardship, dedication and commitment, but you will get there. Instead, keep short term goals, keep chipping in daily towards it. This way you will not quit your journey. 3. Chalking out a plan: So, we have a goal as well. Yay! Next step is making a plan which will help you achieve the said goal. Again, follow something which is sustainable to you. Do not follow something which has worked for someone else/something which is making you hate yourself (like that viral video where the guy went paragliding and regretted it). For example, following a keto plan even though you are used to having carbs or doing a rigorous workout hoping to get ripped in a week. Follow a diet plan which you can adhere to and workout which help you get stronger. Most importantly, don’t try to look for shortcuts, there aren’t any. 4. Sticking to the plan: Now, we have a goal and a plan to achieve it! This step is probably the hardest, following your plan day in and day out. There will be times when it is not possible to follow your diet to the T or finding time for your workout. Its okay, stuff happens. But do not let it become a habit! You skipped a meal/missed diet and training for a day or two due to some unforeseeable circumstances? Fine, who hasn’t been through this? But as soon as you can, get back to your routine. Consistency is key when it comes to achieving goals whether it is transformation or anything else in life. 5. Enjoying your journey: What would be the point of doing all this if you aren’t enjoying it? So have fun! For me personally, even though eating and training sometimes becomes a pain, getting stronger each day, hitting new PR’s on lifts, realizing I am getting closer to the physique I want gives me a different high. Find your high. Don’t let people’s opinion about your diet or training demotivate you, don’t let their opinion control your feelings. Do not crib or blame yourself that you’ve only lost so much weight as compared to someone else. Understand that slow progress is better than no progress and you are in somewhat better shape than you previously were. I hope this helps you in some way. If you have any queries drop them in the comments section. Cheers! 😊

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