”Lifting weight will make women bulky”

Christian Francis
Christian Francis

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Exercise Science

If you are not aware, this is one of the biggest lies that have made it to the surface yet..

First of all, males and females do not have the same of amount of hormones, I am mainly talking about testosterone and estrogen. While both the genders need the two charactistic hormones to function healthily, females do not have correct organ (testes) to produce sufficient amount of testosterone to become what many consider ”bulky”. This is one of the major reasons that differentiate both genders from each other and makes up men and women. Females doing everything they can to achieve muscle mass will therefore only come as far as their bodies allow. There is simply no natural way for you ladies to grow into The Hulk. Not only by exercising will you become more attractive, but more importantly, you will not lose your femininity! Eating crap foods resulting in an excess accumulation of bodyfat will make you look bulky. To summarise, lifting weights will not make women look bulky, calorie surplus of burgers and pizzas will. #Fittr #Iamfittr #Fittraustralia

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